Game Fortnite is the largest number of videos uploaded to YouTube in one month

Fortnite Battle Royale

I’ve always been the irony of the idea of broadcast experience to play on the internet because some people think it’s irony watch other people play instead of to play you. However, it is clear that this has changed over the years, in fact if there is evidence that video gaming will stay in place, it may be a game Fortnite Battle Royale from the company Epic Games have done it.

In a tweet written by Ryan Wyatt, who heads the service of Youtube Gaming, he says that the game Fortnite Battle Royale managed to achieve a new accomplishment as the author of more number of videos uploaded to YouTube within one month. Unfortunately, Twitter does not reveal to us about the number of videos are we talking about exactly, but it is clear that this game affected the community of players.

You tweet him also that its Fortnite includes 42 million videos directly, and record the number of views concurrent which $ 1.1 million. Although the game Fortnite is a new game in and of itself, only to be released on mobile devices has been born undoubtedly a sensation. It is estimated that the game won us $ 1.5 billion of revenue in the first four days after it is released on the iOS platform, and this despite the fact that it has not been released yet on the Android platform.

We expect to increase the popularity of the game with the passage of time, we can also look forward to more video clips related to the game, especially with the features of direct delivery fast buy Epic Games.



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