Game Galaxy wars “Wars of Glory” – a new generation of strategy games Arab!

In the final period entered the game Wars of Glory is developed by company Elex to the Middle East market and the attention of the lover of my strategy games (SLG), did not provide a game of the simulation of the past through the ages Arabic Golden environment where ancient castles and forts and, the invasion of the cities and control the countries and other wars, the Arab abysmal.

This product has been developed by a development team of clash of kings on extensions of two years, and designed specifically for users Arab, a masterpiece of new feel you through the architectural design of the Arab land and the background music of the game that you’re really in a battlefield in the Arab state in the Middle Ages! Can you create castles strong and the leadership of the military command and attack other cities such as what was located in ancient times?

Features of the game Galaxy wars \ Wars of Glory :

  • The latest system Fighting Championship, is different from any strategy game again, where they can take the heroes to the invasion was unprecedented in the Arab world, with extras more exciting and fun.
  • A unique system for review of the fight scenes, to see more realistic and the adventures more dangerous.
  • A simple Guide for beginners, through the use of simple phrases in the construction of the city from the beginning, to military training, and even another war epic.
  • Guidance system functions-linear, to make the game simulators very easy, at the beginning of your learning of the game.
  • Strategies high military intelligence, through tactics higher and offered by the game players.

After you play a game of Wars of Glory deeply you’ll find with ease it’s the perfect game easy to play with mastery and expand their tactics in play, not only in urban cities and development and weapons, but there are collections of tactics are endless in the war of the Alliance and the freedom of the state.

The most enjoyable is that your Alliance to send spies before the outbreak of the war to the Alliance of the enemy reconnaissance on the conditions just like in real wars, there are in alliance the distribution of tasks to the Allies, there is an ally provides you with the resources to develop and another ally fighting ally of the Fancy third-diplomatic work with the other alliances which makes the game more fun and simulate real Wars The Old.

Here are the locations of the game in social media accounts :

Game channel :

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Download game Galaxy wars :

Download on iPhone and Android

Developer : Elex

Price : free

  Click here to download

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