Game League of Legends coming to iOS and Android next year

Confirmed the company Riot Games yesterday that the game League of Legends will be released to iOS, Android in 2020. Reference was made to the expansion of mobile phones for the first time in a month last May, but now confirmed the company Riot Games to League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to mobile devices and video games in the next year.

Version Wild Rift of League of Legends will be substantially the same as the main version of the game. Will contain on the battlefield online multiplayer, with minor amendments to implement the new operating systems. Was announced this release in an event to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the game.

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Tell Riot Games that there will be the preparation of the double development, new maps, and shorter outings to enhance the experience on new platforms. The company said: “Wild Rift is not an extension and does not support sync with the version of the incident.” “It’s a new game created from scratch to give players a new experience of the game”.

But why the company is seeking to issue a copy of the mobile phone on iOS and Android is? Obviously the company has to expand the playing experience to the platform several, in order to catch up to the success reached by many of mobile phone games such as Fornite وPUBG, and go to the game Fortnite has made the edges of the $ 3 billion in 2018, thanks to the style and tension that the long smart phones and other video games.

In addition not made by the game Call Of Duty: Mobile in the first week, it reached $ 100 million, a record knocked off the game by it on top of the list of the most video games profitable in the first week of release.

With the increasing popularity of video games on mobile phones, the Riot Games Need Is other for with it, as the game League of Legends has experienced a decline in revenue last year recorded a $ 1.4 million, representing a decrease by 21% on an annual basis.

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