Game League of Legends coming to iOS

It is reported that the company Tencent وRiot Games are now developing a portable version of the game on your multiplayer famous League of Legends. Don’t expect to see this version in the current world, but the version of the game will be available on both iOS and Android.

As mentioned a report from Reuters, most of the sources agreed that a mobile phone version of the game League of Legends are working to develop more than a year ago. According to the company, transfers, Newzoo, the computer game that old ten years is the most popular in the world based on unique users per month. With that, the game saw a decline in revenue last year, which recorded $ 1.4 million, representing a decrease by 21% on an annual basis.

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While playing on computers is very popular in Western countries, however, reports indicate that 57% of gaming revenue comes from mobile devices in China, while 36% of games mobile phones in the United States.

Also expected to come to the game with a cross-platform and they work the same across all systems. Only site gamesradar, he noted that it is difficult to apply all the advantages of the original game in a mobile phone version, as if the battles long and may constitute an impediment to that, so expect some experts to be a game similar to the game Arena of Valor, which is through the creation of a special version more suitable for mobile phones, and thus can maintain the same features with less time on you and its complexity.

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