Game League of Legends has come to Android via Tencent

لعبة League of Legends قد تأتي على أندرويد عن طريق Tencent

It seems that Tencent Tencent has partnered with Riot Games to bring a copy of the game by the famous MOBA League of Legends to mobile phones and specifically Android, according to three sources familiar with the case, as Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, the two companies will work on this project for more than a year, although there is some tension between the two companies, as is still the time of the launch of the game is unknown, although reports suggest that 2020 is the year is likely to launch.

Generally happens to be League of Legends is the only title under the umbrella of games Riot Games, it has been claimed one of the sources of Reuters, who did not disclose his identity “that the game does not work well as it was, so the Riot desperately needs a new way to improve the profits of the game”, this is the reason that mobile phone version larger priority now.

Finally, although the relationship is unclear between Riot and Tencent, but it’s still interesting to come to the game League of Legends on Android, and of course will be for lovers of MOBA a lot of questions about this project, but unfortunately these are the only details that we know now.

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