Game LOL Karts: when you meet a sense of humor and a swim in one place

There is no doubt that the Google store is filled with games of car racing which is one of the most types of games popular on smart phones. Of these games what is more traditional, including what is truly special.

And of course, we are always looking for games and applications possible to offer them to you, and our conversation today will be about a very special game called LOL Karts.

In a simple, concise and I think that most of what I liked in the game is the graphics as well as characters of humor.

Let us now get into reviewing the game in detail:

Game LOL Karts is her name I think it’s clear that there will be a lot of laughter and humor in the game due to the characters used, so that the game is actually the game of racing karts Karts.

What I liked really in the game except the amount of adult humor, is a challenge in the game so it’s not like the game pull the screen or Swipping casual game like Subway Surfers, I will explain you my point later.

Before you continue reading, you can follow the video following the one I set up to take a quick idea about the game:

When we opened the game for the first time will show us the 7 stages of learning in order to identify the game and learn its rules, and at the end of each stage of training you get the chance to open a gift out of five gifts, and things that bind her here are the main things that will can start playing in earnest.

Playing style:

The race starts with 4 contestants and at an angle to see the side and the on-screen buttons control only the first to batch Boost the second to change the route of the road under the name of Change Lane and we also have rectangles that indicate the percentage of Nitro we have.

As you can see in the pictures the names of the persons default funny until the characters stand-alone funny. Your task in the game is to overcome the competitors and fasten the race, and to do that you have to be smart so that as previously reported the secret lies in the button, change the path as you use the button at the appropriate time as we’re not in front of a simple change in the path as the games drag to the right or left, such as sprinting games like Subway Surfer, the The game depends on speed and all of the mathematical equations of the physical that make the timing of the movement something important as that in the case of changing the track when the speed of our large or when the cart is not balanced fully on the path might lead us to fall off track.

Speaking of falling off the track, incomplete Serial humor here, as when we return the ring we get back is “broken” No we don’t want the same profile shape, but it looks personal like out of the hospital after a horrible accident and the more he falls awful the results were more funny like this picture.

Has the race track on the Nitros, we can assemble them to increase the speed, it also contains boxes when traffic to increase our speed, and also a range of barriers and roads twisted and things you should check on her.

And of course when we hit the best of the forwards that would be of interest to him because we gave him a push forward, while when we hit a rider on the side we will face on the track.

What I liked here is that, although the control is very easy in the game, simple, but it requires great accuracy and therefore the game is not boring even after playing a period of time, on the contrary, will become from games addictive quickly.

It is worth noting that there are many characters that we can either win it or be purchased or acquired after a certain stage, Add to cart and Widget development.

There is a number of achievements which, when achieved, can we get different prizes too.

We can also before the start of the race bet by a certain amount of virtual cash in the event of us winning the race, we get certain awards and increase the amount of money that we put in the betting, and the status of our loss deduct this money from the balance We, of course, talking here about virtual coins.

To start any race it there’s a card or refill energy, and every race uses a certain amount of these batteries .

Now that we know the mechanism of the game, I’ll talk to you about the pros and cons in detail, and has stated the negatives before the positives to be a comprehensive idea about the game properly therefore I hope you continue reading the article for the latter and not judge the game by negative its just.


First: there are many things that can be purchased with real money, so that it becomes complicated pretty fast, which I often put in fact, are simple but there’s lots and lots of things that can be purchased but!

These things are not bound to any you can complete the game fully and enjoy the experience and full without paying any real money.

Secondly: the time of each race is very few, and by very I mean less than a minute to race fact which may surprise some, but he didn’t like me as I found myself to complete the race before you even realize I started.

But different races of the time its depending on the length of the track, I don’t know if there are races longer in the advanced stages more, but this is what I found.

Third: ads: containing the game on the amount of ads “which centered around the games”, which some you can’t skip it (see in the attached video clip which contains the Declaration of one of the games there’s a button “X” in the corner of the screen top left, when pressed it ends the Declaration), which may argue which is bothering me personally.

There’s an option to remove advertising fully and at a cost of $ 2.99, and I think you when you say that ” after purchasing the game fully and you don’t have to.” you wonderful experience while playing will be when the game LOL Karts game number one to spend time.

When you enter the museum you will find many special offers and rebates offered by the game to get virtual coins, funds and Power Ups which confused me, any that I put in fact in spite of the simplicity of the colors and beautiful cartoon.


First: graphics: in my opinion the graphics of the strongest points of the game and without them I think the game will be a normal game without anything special, so that the different characters each carrying a comic like Donald Trump or characters from the game Mario famous, but these characters look the features of comedy, as we see in the images, add icons and game all has the nature of humor, especially when you change the names of the characters such as changing the name of the Batman to a Very Bad Man.

Second: the challenge: as I said previously it is in spite of the simplicity of the game as an idea, but that the control should be exact and precise to link the race which is a game about the nature of repetition.

Third: events: there are many events weekly including a monthly all happened to him of certain conditions, such as the use of a certain character or reach a certain goal, such as the collection of a certain number of coins, etc. Of course it is the dog happened to Awards which gives us new ways to enjoy the game.

Fourth: there is always a way to escape from the idea of buying the Power Ups and other pieces of development by watching videos, as well as open-end funds are the same way, if we don’t want to pay real money for this piece of development, as well as it is when we buy any piece of development for the virtual within the game we will have to wait a time certain for Widget development, and to accelerate this time we can watch a video for free for Widget development immediately.

Fifth: the ring: we can manufacture tracks to race through a set of tools ready-made and do publish this ring and Championship this ring and add obstacles and other things that you can assembled like the Nitros.

Sixth: you can play LOL Karts are for offline reference or online, and this characteristic, since there are many games that do not allow you to play the game or open it without having the internet, this game allows you to do so, therefore the game is very suitable to spend time while waiting at the doctor’s Office for example, or on public transport.

Seventh: the funds: like I said You can buy boxes with many things development or coins, but there’s a box Free you can get it every 4 hours, as you can earn virtual cash by signing in and follow the official page of the developers of the game via Facebook.

It is also when you login to the game daily you will get daily prizes and this is another way to escape from the purchase of the coins and the virtual for the real.

There are called Seasons or Seasons through which there are classifications of global or depending on the region, as well as you can add friends and compete with them to add spirit and enthusiasm to the game

When you reach to classify certain there are many prizes waiting for you, which I found good.

Game information According to the Google Play Store:

Link download game:

Game rating: 4.3/5 stars

Number of downloads: more than million times

Size: different size according to the type of the user device.

Once simple for my experience with the game, I think it’s definitely worth a try and it is quite possible to spend some time on them whether online or offline reference, and again I think that sense of humor is what makes the game LOL Kart something special, the last to say I got addicted to this game because the awards system in which very seductive, and the sooner I finished the stage got bigger prizes and advanced in the ranking therefore they are entertaining and make you addicted to it and if a period of time.

Yes disturb me ads sometimes, but as I said, these ads have introduced me to new games I want to try.

And those offended by the ads I see that the game can increase the advertising of them by paying real money, but I don’t recommend this by the experience of the game fully and recognize them .

They told us about, did you like this game? And how did you find the control method?

We want to hear your opinion in the comments.

The game LOL Karts: when you meet a sense of humor and a swim in one place was published first in are.

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