Game PUBG will watch the play between the PS4 and Xbox in October

Game development company PUBG say that the players on the hardware of the PS4 and Xbox will be able to play a participatory in between them in October.

لعبة PUBG ستتيح مشاركة اللعب بين PS4 وXbox في أكتوبرGame PUBG will watch the play between the PS4 and Xbox in October

The company announced PUBG developer of the famous game that game by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds will begin providing the advantage of playing a participatory platform between my Xbox and PS4 to be able to millions around the world from the competition amongst them on the platforms they prefer, and the game of the few games in the world that offers the advantage of playing the participatory among the largest platform specialized two games away from smart phones.

The staff will conduct a general test on the servers with the end of the month of September, to test the duration of the week.

Then, of course, will be the launch of the feature officially to all users at the beginning of October in case all goes properly, the.

Come this advertisement in the exhibition games Gamescom 2019 in Cologne, German by paragraph conference Inside the Xbox stream your make Microsoft.

In this way, going to be the game PUBG – building of the first among the big games in the world especially not competition which is based on this step; where you think the game missed – Fortnite main rival of those games, next game Dauntless and Rocket League, and other little games.

Referred to update the fourth season of Game of stay will be released on August 27 of the current – i.e., a week from now.



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