Game wrath of the brave – the best fighting games of the Arab multi-player free!

Featuring fighting games collective has a high of enthusiasm and competition that distinguish them from their counterparts of the individual games, if you enjoy adventure, team play, join now to players of the wrath of the brave and courage with your friends to control the three states.

لعبة غضب الشجعان

Game wrath of the brave

Disclose interesting stories and participated in the events of the world open, format the unit with your friends, collect and develop hardware and smash your enemies! Choose your preferred method to fight or combine the two types of fighting, has your enemies on the battlefield within the game wrath of the brave possible.

Features of the game wrath of the brave :

  • Individual functions – more than 45 occur regularly you uncover a fascinating story.
  • Way to fight flexible – you can change many of the weapons to fit the way you fight favorite.

  • Form a team of heroes – many heroes waiting for you to recruit them and help you during combat.
  • The development of gear developed gear and the tops of the studs to our hero.

  • PVP open world – wander around freely in your city, defended the borders of your state from the enemies, claimed your friends for fishing trips.
  • Political relations – nomination to lead your state, believe the presidency and the violence between players, or do you betray your people!

Download game wrath of the brave on iOS and Android devices :

Coder: Tamatem Inc. (CALI)

Price : free

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