Games iPhone and Android had the advantage this year – the first part

As we approached the end of 2018, we can you the best games had no luck, and when users phones iPhone and Android at the same time.

1 : the game PUBG MOBILE

Spread like wildfire this year and scooped the fans in the hundreds of millions, appeared for the first time on NBC in the year 2017 to become the company developed a special version phones 2018 of the early games royale, which achieved a huge success on most of the platforms to play to me the rest of the developers games with the same concept and is Version Games suitable No of course no need to talk about the graphics of the game is high quality and realistic weapons brilliant Either way the game is to find your weapons in a game area of 64km2 next 99 players last and what to find your weapons your spend on each of the find in front of you and only will be eliminated and lose everything, the game is available free of charge with purchases on the inside for Android and IOS .

Game PUBG MOBILE Android


2 : the game Fortnite

First rival of the game built mobile is the other had its beginning on the platform of the Games was Xbox and one playstation 4 to become available after that on the IOS and recently on some Android devices, there are reports saying that the company is the developer of the game make more than two million dollars a day on the IOS platform and only through the procurement of existing inside it, The way the game does not differ at all from building a mobile get off of your appearance on any area of the game maps and immediately to touch your feet and the ground start in the search for weapons and collected equipment and resources and compete with your enemies to remain the only alive among the 100 players, you can check with your friends and Insha-group cooperation in reaching the summit, the game is available for free on the App Store for IOS users as for users of Android must be downloaded in APK format from the official website.

Game Fortnite Android

3 : game Garena Free Fire

We stay with games royale being the most successful and popular this year Free Fire may be a good choice for owners of phones economic, and that can’t Run Games say similar such as building mobile, saying the game put you in a certain area every 10 minutes at 49 and another player are all seeking to stay alone to survive and eliminate others so it must be them on the lookout and to not let other win this battle tried to search for a safe place that is hard for others to see and then get out with your gun and then shooting at each of you find in front of you, The game is available on both Android and IOS with purchases inside it .

Game Garena Free Fire Android

Game Garena Free Fire Evo

4 : game Asphalt 9

The latest versions of the Asphalt famous and are the first choice for every fan of car games come B graphique high and the graphics is accurate and realistic and you can choose any car you dream to drive it in the different companies, you only need to choose the car of your dreams and enter in the race and then indulge in automatically with the game thanks to visual effects and audio likeness, realistic in addition to HDR good supported game, the game contains more than 60 season and 800 event if it’s going to become a legend Asphalt real, the game is available for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .

Asphalt 9 Android

Asphalt 9 Evo

5 : the game The Darkness Rises

RPG game fun-combine graphics and high on you and the way you play simple you learn from the first minute you within the game choose and design your champion according to your taste and then directly start the game and set off the direction of the summit, on your way you’ll find a lot of monsters and enemies that make it hard for you task you should outsource the task of fighting a great feature that allows you Game Of course, that regardless of the skills that will be available after you progress further in the game is that you can join to the stretcher and find her suitable for you, the game is available for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .

Game Darkness Rises Android

Game Darkness Rises iPhone

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