Games mobile devices gain more popularity in the United States of America


According to a survey conducted by the Association of entertainment programs well-known acronym in the name of ESA, which included up to 4000 dollars, it turns out that 60 percent of them are running games on their smart phones.

Still personal computers and home consoles are very popular, but games designed for mobile devices is the fastest growing at all. And most of it, is that players spend far more than ever before on games. The average age of 33 years were spent users 20 percent more than last year, 85 percent more than the year 2015.

Nearly 65 percent of adults in the United States of America holding the games, in most cases, playing games is normal. And about 60 percent of these players in the country prefer to play on their smartphones, despite the fact that 50 percent of all players still prefer home consoles and personal computers of their own.

It’s turned interesting in the directions, so it makes sense for manufacturers to start focusing on improving the capacity of play on smartphones and on gaming, as well as to launch more smart phones designed primarily for gamers. Because of this direction is interesting in the gaming market, we also saw more companies are creating services to broadcast its own games via the cloud, such as Google Stadia from Google Inc which allows players to run games, including games that require a lot of processing power on their smartphones, devices and other compatible.

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