Games phone the new Xiaomi Play will be released the 24th day of December

Xiaomi Mi A2

After just one week of the declaration of co-founder of Xiaomi, Mr. Lin Bin about the coming of a new phone from the company provider camera accurately 48 megapixels, we got other information interesting, relevant to the Chinese stating that the latter is working on a new phone called Xiaomi Play will be announced on December 24.

This information comes from one of the users of the social network of Chinese Weibo note it says that the company Xiaomi is planning to hold a press conference between 17 July and 26 December, but the date most likely is December 24. Although it did not disclose anything else about what’s called the Xiaomi Play, we bet that this phone will target the youth and teenagers and anybody else that adores games smartphones.

Is likely to be the new phone was a direct response to the phone Honor Play in the category phones and games low price, because the company Xiaomi is already a series of smartphones Xiaomi BlackShark in the category of high-end smartphones designed for gaming. Some sources suggest that this can be a phone just Pocophone F1 under a different name-note that it has been selling more than 700 thousand units of this phone globally.



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