Gaming company Ubisoft is suing Google and Apple because of the game Area F2 new

The gaming company Rich from the definition, Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit directly against Apple and Google it by giving the game Area F2 new to their stores for applications, and, in fact, closer to be a replica of the game shoot the famous Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege launched by Ubisoft earlier in 2015 and still achieve huge success until now.

The lawsuit, according to Bloomberg may raise in one of the courts of Los Angeles, has headed the gaming company of this solution after I asked Google and Apple to delete the game from their stores, but they have rejected it.

According to Ubisoft however Area F2 may copy all parts of their game famous, including the mechanism of selection of the characters within the game and also screen designs and most importantly is the gameplay experience itself, which simply depends on the match between the two teams somebody to occupy the seat of the other and the other team works to protect the headquarters and kill the enemies.

Recall that the game development company Ejoy a Chinese company acquired a giant shopping Alibaba previously in 2017, and the game has came out officially last month the company has worked hard on marketing the game within the United States and globally in more ways than one.

If you’re wondering why sue Ubisoft of the Apple instead of the company Ejoy the same, it’s because of a conflict of property rights in the United States compared to China, add to that even if she succeeds Ubisoft in deleting the game from the stores, it can work for Ejoy launch on other platforms or even modify the game significantly in order not to see his R6S, but perhaps the best dessert in front of Ubisoft is currently launching a version of R6S for smart phones, which will is fantastic for gamers!

Source: Bloomberg

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