Gaming device the Nintendo switch contains a system virtual reality hidden

جهاز الألعاب نينتندو سويتش يحوي نظام واقع افتراضي مخفي

Didn’t look like Nintendo’s intention to strengthen the product characteristics of virtual reality, to come to one of the hackers and contain the Nintendo switch to virtual reality mode, by entering the programming of the internal system, which made it fit to split the Dual-Screen Display, which may mean that the company has tested the virtual reality glasses before, according to estimates, the device is equipped to put virtual reality more than a year ago, as reported by the website Ars Technica.

In general, most companies resort to the use of modern technologies to strengthen its products, this is considered normal for Nintendo to enter this field, but curious which is the latest surprise, as the company did not send any word in advance, they work on strengthening the middle system of virtual reality, as stated by the Director General of police in France earlier, he doubted the possibility to involve a system of virtual reality for the home.

In contrast to the stated company president to “katsumi Kim Galicia” in last February that Nintendo switch probably has on the properties of the virtual reality in the coming days. It seems we have to wait for an official response from the company about the project, which has not made any comment for a moment.

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