Gaming platform from Facebook available as a demo version on Android

In the month of June last, the company announced Facebook on its launch for the particular electronic games, in order to help players to broadcast their experiences and their performance directly, as well as the support of other players, often junior of them watch the way you play and learn the subtleties of the games that he likes her, the company has launched on its platform name of the, made available at the time on the desktop only.

Now provided the police version of the demo for this on Android devices, according to Facebook, this version is currently available only in the Philippines, on the one hand it comes to the application of with a limited set of features, that is use this version to get comments from the gaming community with the aim of improvement and development.

With the possibility of some games for example the game Everwing, Words with Friends, and Basketball no ads, finally came to launch this product to rival YouTube as well as service Twitch, given that the demo version has just started, it might take a few months until the application is available for more areas.

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