“Gaming workstation” GS50 from ASUS equipped with Intel Xeon and RTX 2080

ASUS announced the release of Gaming Station GS50, which the company calls the “gaming workstation”.

The system unit is made in black color with silver accents and a front panel, which shows the ASUS logo. Dimensions are 230 × 578 × 525 mm.

For the performance of the station meets the Intel Xeon W-2155. This 10-core/20-thread processor, clocked at 3.3 GHz (the maximum is 4.5 GHz in turbo mode). In fact, this Intel Core i9-7900X with some exclusive features Xeon processors, such as support for ECC memory up to 512 GB, MPX, TXT, Boot Guard, etc. and, by the way, RAM GS50 can be set up to 512 GB.

The graphics does NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080. As the built-in memory offers 512 GB M. 2 2280 SATA 6GB/s SSD and 3 TB HDD. Also available slots M. 2 NVMe, SATA and U. 2 for extra storage. For the operation of the entire system is 700 W power supply.

To connect the Ethernet cable provides dual-port Gigabit interface. Among other ports include USB-A 2.0/3.0/3.1 USB 3.1 C, audio.

Cost ASUS Gaming Station GS50 is not disclosed.

Source: Techpowerup

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