Gap Bluetooth allows to leak data from iOS devices and Mac and windows

Find out researchers from the University of Washington there is a gap in the connection protocol Bluetooth can expose most of the devices to track the external and diversion data, and influence of the gap on the devices operating systems, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, in addition to the smart watch of Apple TV, and Fitbit. With that, the Android devices are not at risk.

Allow the loophole the hacker keeps track of devices by exploiting a glitch in the way they operate feature BLE to extract tokens such as device type, or other metadata, where this feature is intended to provide a low consumption of energy significantly while using Bluetooth.

To facilitate the process of pairing between two devices, using a feature of the BLE public channels unencrypted to advertise its presence within the range of nearby devices, where there is a risk of the prior privacy-related broadcast Bluetooth signals permanent devices through public channels, while the advantage of BLE to solve this problem through the use of the title of a random variable periodically instead of the MAC address is permanent.

Working gap to take advantage of MAC address randomization for tracking devices, where the researchers said that of the random addresses are also unique and remain constant for a period long enough for use in tracking devices.

Source: Tracking Anonymized Bluetooth Devices

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