Gap iOS 13 allows access to the passwords stored devices

The latest reports indicate that a security flaw in the iOS system 13 allows to bypass the security and access to user names and passwords stored devices through the settings, where in general, asking the operating system of the user authentication, the fingerprint or facial recognition, but these vulnerabilities allow to bypass it.

So, if you go in to Settings > Accounts and passwords, the system will ask you the authentication fingerprint or facial recognition, but if you press on the screen several times continuously, and cancel the notice of authentication fingerprint or face, the system will fail in achieving insurance will get you to the page names and passwords, used the.

Reports suggest that Apple didn’t recognize this problem until now which is affect the system of the iPad new also. However, this loophole is discovered in the trial version, which by their nature are prone to mistakes and problems, which makes it more likely that the correct Apple TV this problem in the final version of stable.

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