Gap non repairable know Data old Apple devices at risk, what does that mean?

One of the improvements the main security introduced by Apple on its devices over the years is a partner of the Secure Enclave, which encrypts and protect all sensitive data stored on the devices. However, he claimed some of the hackers they found a loophole to a permanent non-reform in this tranche of the security, which may know the data the users of iPhone and iPad and even the Mac at risk, Am I as normal user should I be worried? And when I’m in danger? Continued article because there is information of interest to you.

What is Secure Enclave

The Secure Enclave and NFL SEP is Processor built-in security with all Apple devices almost to provide an additional layer of security, so that encrypting all data stored on the iPhone and iPad and Mac and the Apple Watch and other Apple devices using the private keys are random can only be accessed through the processor, the Secure Enclave. These keys are unique for your device and does not sync at all with iCloud is on your device only, through this wizard purchases are made through the service Apple Pay Apple Pay and unlock the phone via fingerprint, Face ID, or the fingerprint Touch ID and password and other services that require a high level of security, and it’s for any hacker to penetrate your data.

It is important to note that although the slice of the Secure Enclave built into the device, they operate completely separately from the rest of the system. This ensures that the non-arrival of applications to manage your keys, so you can not only send requests to decrypt specific data such as a fingerprint to open a specific application such as.

Even if you have a iPhone you jailbreak and full access to the internal files of the system, everything is managed by the Secure Enclave remains protected because it is removed from the system and a special bracket.

This is a list of devices that currently contain chip Secure Enclave:

◉ IPhone 5S and newer.

◉ IPad fifth-generation and newer.

◉ IPad Air first generation and newer.

◉ IPad Mini 2 and newer.

◉ Mac devices segment T1 or T2

◉ Apple TV, Apple TV HD fourth generation and newer.

◉ Apple Watch all the versions.

◉ HomePod

What does this mean? And its effect on the user?

This is not the first time where hackers and security flaws relating to the Secure Enclave. In 2017, a group of hackers from decrypting program to the Secure Enclave firmware to explore how the work of the office. However, they could not have access to your keys, so there wasn’t any danger to users.

Reports now that the hackers are Chinese Team Pangu claim they have discovered a loophole permanent “non-expandable” on-chip Secure Enclave Your with Apple which could lead to breaking the encryption keys for security, this means having a security flaw in the devices in hardware and not in the system, so maybe there is nothing that can Apple do to fix it on devices that already been sold.

We still don’t have more details about what you can do hackers exactly with this gap is specific security, but full access to the Security Enclave may also mean access to passwords, credit cards, and much more. The only thing we know so far is that this vulnerability in the Secure Enclave affect all segments of the Apple between the A7 and A11 Bionic, similar to the gap checkm8 that allows jailbreaking (jailbreak) all iOS devices almost until the iPhone X.

Although Apple has discovered this security flaw by segments A12, where it already fixes this security breach with segments of A12 and A13 Bionic, but there are still millions of Apple devices that work with A11 Bionic or older that can be affected by this gap. We are waiting to see the effects that you updated this gap in the Security Enclave to users over the coming days.

Do you have to worry about this exploit?

Keep in mind that the processes of penetration of these require to be able to the inventor of physical access to the device in order to get any data, so it is unlikely that anyone is able to access your PC remotely. The expected scenario is that the government agencies use this security breach to the devices confiscated, and that if he called his Team Pangu true.

The bottom line: if you have a one of iPhone X don’t risk it at all, if your iPhone X or feet, no damage only from government agencies or bodies that have the power to confiscate your device in the case only if the Team Pangu to sell gap.

Do you think that this gap may cause damage to Apple? Tell us in the comments.



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