Gap visa Tai allow the caller to listen to the other side before reply

There is a serious flaw in FaceTime calls on the iPhone and iPad, so that the caller can hear the other party fully before answering the call.

Said a spokesman for Apple that they are aware of the problem, noting that they have identified the problem update will be released later this week to fix it.

Gap is working on the iOS version 12.1.2 of the operating system. So that you can start to call someone via FaceTime as normal, but before answering it, you need to add your personal number in the call so that be collective, and the app begins by providing listening for the other party although he did not answer the call after.

In other words, if you see ringing iPhone, your video call FaceTime, it is possible that the person calling you can hear you before you answer the call, this is a big mistake.

In the meantime, perhaps the best procedure is to turn off FaceTime by going to Settings > and disable the service temporarily until the police issue a update to solve the problem.

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