Gaps in Qualcomm’s processors leaked the sensitive information from the phones of LG and Samsung

Today detected a number of gaps in Qualcomm’s processors for smartphones, which may allow the leaking of sensitive information, users have discovered a CheckPoint Research these gaps.

Companies that have suffered from these gaps are the companies that use processors Snapdragon in phones mainly LG and Samsung as well as Motorola, that while both Samsung and LG have addressed the problem already in the patch of the previous protection while Motorola is still working on it.

Reported Qualcomm also said that without the knowledge of the inventor بالـHardware Keys your treatments, it will not be able to penetrate the phones operating that processors in any case.

Curious to hear about the gaps that infect the internal components itself and not the operating system, but fortunately has been resolved the problem for most manufacturers of smart phones, but so far there is no comprehensive information on the impact of this gap on the users.

Source: TNW

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