Gaps in the application of iMessage make iPhone vulnerable to attack!

Revealed a group of security researchers from the new gaps in the application of the Apple messages iMessage will open the door wide in front of inventors to control on iPhone and iPad.

ثغرات في تطبيق iMessage تجعل الآيفون عرضة للاختراق!

Gaps in the application of iMessage make iPhone vulnerable to attack!

Already Apple launched the update iOS 12.4 recently to fill some of those gaps, but there are still some gaps exist. These gaps are already dangerous because hackers can exploit without forcing the victim to visit a specific website or download an infected file on his computer.

Everything on the disappeared person his work is sending a text message specific to the victim and to give the servers the Apple TV to send data to the victim to the hacker and may need to record conversations or images or videos.

These gaps exist and may be exploited under in full view of the iOS system without the system recognized it because it simply classifies them as normal behavior is suspicious and that’s why should Apple intervene quickly to fill those gaps in the update coming before the targeting of victims on a large scale.

If you rely on iMessage would prefer to stop it temporarily and move on to messaging platform even safer to say Apple to resolve the problems of its own app. “News apps” instructs you to apply the Telegram as an alternative to areas.

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user Arab.

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