Gaps in the networks of the fifth generation know smartphones endanger

Technology 5G is the next generation of communication networks that are expected to provide higher speeds, safely and best for smart phones and other devices compared to the networks of the fourth generation because they combine the latest technologies and features that make them the next generation, but it seems that the wind does not come to you.

ثغرات في شبكات الجيل الخامس تُعرّض الهواتف الذكية للخطر

Although the description of networks to the 5G as the newest, fastest, safest but a team of security researchers at the University of Iowa and the University of Perdue the Americas, they discovered nearly a dozen weak points and gaps in the networks of the fifth generation, which enabled them to perform some malicious attacks such as tracking and locating the user’s phone and send alerts emergency fake to spread panic and cut off phone contact completely from the network.

With the assurances by the institutions responsible for the implementation of security protocols such as 3GPP, but the research team has revealed the opposite where they see that the protocol is private network the 5G lacks the high specs and official reports, and that the current standard provides too often on the requirements of security and privacy in an abstract way and primitive, making it vulnerable to many threats and attacks different.

What are the attacks that can be implemented

شبكات الجيل الخامس

And to prove their point, the research team conducted the establishment of the radio station is fake and malicious, and through the tool developed by the known as 5G Reasoner, and they were able to perform several consecutive attacks against the smart phone is connected to a network-enabled 5G, where they succeeded in cutting contact from the phone via a denial-of-Service DoS, and managed to track down the location of the actual phone, but more of those attacks, the seriousness of those that were able to talk in the IRC channel of your phone to broadcast emergency alerts are fake, and how dangerous that attack on the possibility of creating a mess artificially in the community and spread horror and panic, Like what happened earlier when you set off the alarm accidentally understand him to Hawaii under missile attack by North Korea, which led to panic and widespread on the island.

شبكات الجيل الخامس

Due to the nature of these gaps and gravity, in addition to how easy to penetrate and exploit, the researchers decided to not publicly disclose the exact methods and codes that enabled them to do that. They actually notify the international society responsible for networks of mobile phones in the world the GSMA, except that the assembly find that those flaws don’t cause any problems and it does not significantly affect the users of smart phones.

But the research team does not another view where he sees that most of the security flaws in the current design can be easily repaired, but there are some gaps that require even a simple change in the protocol for networks of the fifth generation to fill those serious problems that threaten the security and safety of smartphone users everywhere in the world.

Do you really think that the fifth-generation networks will be safe when circulated heavily in the world? And you can actually get rid of the loopholes that threaten the safety of users of smartphones?



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