Gartner: $ 1.5 billion global spending on security technologies of the Internet of things in 2018

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With the transformation of the onslaught of the Internet of things is already a tangible reality within the technology sector, pointed out a survey carried out by the company C. E. B. CEB consulting Foundation’s research Gartner recently noted that nearly 20 percent of the institutions noted attack at least one target iot during the past three years.

And to protect against these security threats, predicts Gartner that global spending on security solutions of iot technologies to $ 1.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 28 percent from the rate of spending in 2017, which totaled $ 1.2 million.

Said rogero Concha, Research Director at Gartner: “Companies can not be transformed in often in the source nature of the software and hardware used by the smart connected devices when it comes to initiatives and technologies of the Internet of things, we expect to see growth in the level of demand for tools and services that are aimed at improving the capacity of discovery and management of assets, assess the level of security of hardware and software as well as test and evaluate the security level against the operations of the hack, it will make companies in addition to enhance their understanding of the implications of the process of providing the network externally, these factors will form the main causes that will support the levels of spending on security solutions technologies Internet of things, Which will reach 3.1 million by the year 2021”.

Forecast global spending on security solutions technologies Internet of things

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Security points of contact final 240302373459541631
The security of online portals 102138186251327415
Professional services 5707349461,2211,5892,071
Community 912 1,174 1,506 1,931 2,457 3,118

Despite the continuing increase in global spending on security solutions technologies Internet of things annually, expect Gartner to decrease the level of expenditure on security of these technologies is mainly due to the inability to determine priorities or the application of best practices, tools and security with the aim of planning initiatives for the Internet of things through 2020, as you will live of these factors attempts spending potential on the security technologies of the Internet of things by 80 percent.

Said contention: “Though referring constantly to the security of the technologies of the Internet of things that the main concern at the sector level, however, most of the operations of the application security tools for these technologies is planning to deployment and operation on the level of business units within the company, in collaboration with the departments of information technology with the aim of ensuring the processing of technical parts affected hardware as necessary, however, still operations coordination through a common structure, or strategy to a variety of security absent entirely, and selection processes of Companies House products and services customized heavily, and relies extensively on alliances between providers, hardware partners, Or the Statute which organs work to improve it or even replace it”.

At the time of the detection patterns and the security of basic information that have been applied to many of the projects at the level of the business units, it did not occur within the models, designs or policies ready to allow reuse in the projects of other security.

As a result, began operations dealing with technical standards of specific components within the technologies of the Internet of things within the sector, through standards, Information Technology security the list, or through cooperation with other companies, or alliance with Companies House.

Comes the absence of “information security by design” because of the lack of specific regulations and firm, predicts Gartner from now on, to change this trend, especially in sectors that are subject to strict control such as the health care sector and the automotive industry.

Expects Gartner to talk to the issue of compliance with the laws governing the main factor affecting the level of demand for security solutions technologies Internet of things by the year 2021, companies will have to which you must comply with the Governing laws and guidelines aimed at improving the capabilities of infrastructure protection of critical infrastructure CIP, to focus more on information security with the widespread for the Internet of things in the industrial world.

Added Quinto: “there is greater attention today to the development processes of automation in operational processes through the deployment of smart connected devices such as sensors, Robotics and communication tools remotely, often through cloud-based services, these innovative processes that are prescribed most often known as industrial Internet of things or the fourth industrial revolution, is already having an impact on the issue of information security in the industrial sectors that are active operational technology, such as the sectors of energy, oil and gas, transportation and manufacturing industries”.

It will also provide analysts Gartner analysis expanded on the direction of Information Technology security during the summits Gartner to manage security risks and 2018 which will be held in each of the National Harbor in Maryland, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, Sydney, London, Mumbai and Dubai, you can follow the latest developments during this conference on Twitter through the tag #GartnerSEC.

Gartner: $ 1.5 billion global spending on security technologies of the Internet of things in 2018

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