Gartner: 25 percent of customer service operations will be through the assistant customer default, by the year 2020

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Will be the implementation of the 25 percent of the support operations and customer service through the integration of technology assistant customer default VCA or the “chat bot” in integrated business across all channels and interactive by 2020, an increase of 2 percent compared to the year 2017, according to the foundation studies and researches Gartner.

Has started more than half of institutions already investing in technology to help clients default to enhance customer service, after that the officials realize that those companies the advantages of automated services resume, in addition to the ability to the possibility of escalation of the matter to the human elements responsible for customer service in complex cases that require it.

Said gene Alvarez, a vice president at Gartner, Mr. Álvarez: “with the increase of customers interact with digital channels, and started the accreditation process of the formation of devices assistant customer default handle customer requests that are on web sites and applications to mobile phones and messaging apps to consumers in addition to social networks, these operations are supported by improvements on the capabilities of natural language processing and machine learning as well as the ability of the hardware to match the needs of the customer and their intentions”.

Organizations pointed to the decline in the number of enquiries made via call, chat or e-mail by 70 percent after the deployment of devices and techniques to help customers default, according to the latest Research Foundation, GA and Steiner, as indicated by these companies to increase in the level of customer satisfaction in addition to saving ratio is higher in all the audio connection up to 33 percent.

Andhe said to Alvarez: “provide technical Assistant to customer default, possible more than just information, it can enrich the Customer Experience and to provide appropriate assistance to them in all the stages of thinking and processing that is performed on behalf of the client”.

As shown by the results of a survey conducted by Gartner in 2017 that 84 percent of the institutions have stopped it will increase the size of their investments in technology customer experience during the following year.

The following are other expectations issued by Gartner, the leaders can fields of customer experiences available when they develop their strategies for customer:

20 percent of the brands will be responsible for mobile applications by the year 2019

Many brand owners believe that mobile applications do not provide the desired level and location of customer loyalty and interaction, and that the rate of return on investment ROI fell significantly due to the costs of support and maintenance promotions and marketing campaigns to the state operations download applications. And the owners of the trademarks, rather than to investment in the fields of messaging applications for consumers, such as application Facebook Messenger or WeChat to reach the customers who spend long periods of their time on these apps.

Two-thirds of special projects customer experiences will continue to OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY by the year 2022, compared to 50 percent in 2017

With the expansion of the numbers of digital channels today, witnessing the interactions of self-service or digital experience a larger increase, in addition to get away more on the human interactions that are face-to-face or through audio and voice interactions, is expected to increase the proportion of projects that use information technology to improve the Customer Experience, those projects that are not using technology, you will focus on recruitment, training and management of the affairs of the employees who face the customers directly.

30 percent of the companies business sector institutional B2B will adopt artificial intelligence to enhance at least one of the operations of major sales by 2020

Allow the techniques of artificial intelligence in the field of sales promotion efficiency and effectiveness within business processes, often in the sense of turning higher by up to 30 percent when dealing with new potential clients, according to research Gartner.

And these techniques constitute an attractive alternative to buy sales, where to offer great opportunities to generate sales as well as to predict the state of the markets through the ability of these techniques to provide support fast and accurate through all stages of various sales.

More than 40 percent of all data analysis projects will learn next to aspects of the Customer Experience by 2020

Are data analysis techniques spread widely within the fields of Marketing, Sales, trade, digital and customer service management, social media services budget, however still most of the institutions lacked the capacity to understand the general situation of the workers towards the institution.

What matters is not the location of the customer the direction of a shop or service or process or product, but most important is the level of confidence of client to the institution as a whole and his future intention to continue to show loyalty to their direction.

By the year 2020 will evaluate solutions for augmented reality and virtual reality and mixed immersive and adoption by 20 percent of large institutions as part of the strategy of the digital transformation

You will enjoy the institutions with greater ability to provide staff, customers and suppliers with the means that allow them to obtain information in real time, and the experience of virtual environments and interaction with social media platforms without being confined within the small screens and experience is limited.

And the consumers today are already some forms of technology overwhelming, such as filters snapchat, the files, video and images 360 degree on Facebook.

Gartner: 25 percent of customer service operations will be through the customer assistant virtual by 2020

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