Gartner: 3.9 trillion dollars spent globally on information technology 2020 – source today

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The timing of the foundation “Gartner” research to rise the total spending of the world on information technology to nearly 3.9 trillion through 2020, an increase of approximately 3.4% from the year 2019, and is expected to make this expenditure of the world the barrier of $ 4 trillion in the next year.

Said John-David Lovelock, vice president of Gartner, said that, despite of political concerns that drove the world economy to the proposal of the recession, but it did not happen in the year 2019, and does not seem the case for the scenarios expected by 2020 or after. With the decline of global concerns, companies look to a greater readiness to double its investment in information technology, especially with the prospects of high returns, with to the patterns of this spending are constantly changing.

He added that all sectors of the market almost been affected, including software projects, business popularity growing software products as a service. Expected continued growth of spending on other forms of software not cloud.

He guessed report that markets software highest growth rates this year, which is expected to achieve a growth rate of decimal places up to about 10.5% and the expectation is that expenditure of business enterprise sector offers information technology services that are considered cloud computing will grow faster than the growth rate of spending on services offers conventional (non-cloud) until the year 2022, and the institutions that allocate a large proportion of their spending piety to adopt the services of cloud computing, an indication of the next generation of challenges that will change the work methodologies followed.

The rising exchange rate of the U.S. dollar decline in spending of the world on the products of information technology equipment and data centres in the affected states to do so. Has the decline in spending on mobile in Japan during the current year due to higher average selling prices in local as a result of higher U.S. dollar. It is also expected to witness the spending of the UK market on the PC, printers, server systems, as well as systems external storage decline of up to 3% also.

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