Gates: Tech companies “deserve blunt, unfair and cruel questions”

(Bill Gates ) believes that technology companies “deserve” the kind of scrutiny they faced during congressional hearings last month, and he believes the late (Steve Jobs) was a "genius," according to his statements with Armchair Expert Radio.

"If you are successful like me or any of these people, you deserve rude, unfair and difficult questions," Microsoft founder Dax Shepard told host. "The government has the right to criticize you," Gates added. And this kind of harsh interrogation comes with the very successful area, and that's okay .

Gates was referring to the July 29 session before the House Judiciary Committee where the chief executives of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon were questioned about their business practices as part of an ongoing antitrust investigation.

During a large-scale podcast interview, Gates spoke about his foundation's work on vaccines and what it was like when Microsoft started, but he also talks about what it was like to be a celebrity; "The idea of tech entrepreneurs being famous in popular culture has gotten used to it," he says. He said, “It was crazy because I was obsessed with science and very unsocial, and then it was launching into a world that people care about what I say about things, so my reaction was: 'What happened!'

As for his late rival, Gates said he was not as "tough" as Steve Jobs, but he admired how Jobs turned Apple when he returned to the company.

“Jobs was a genius,” Gates said. Especially when he returned to Apple … No one else can do what he did there, and I wouldn't do that. Gates admitted that he envied the personality of the late Apple CEO, and jokingly said, “He was a magician at overly motivating people – I was a little wizard so I couldn't fall under his spell – but I could see him cast a spell.” He added, "I was very jealous."

Gates spoke of what he considered some of his personal flaws, saying, "I am not as social as I should, and I do not know how to cook, and I am very embarrassed that I do not speak any [other] languages fluently."

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