GCA Launcher: one lane of the new on the Google Play Store

There is no shortage of apps line the Google Play Store, but this does not mean relying on one of them and abandon the rest. Today with us-one new applications in this area, which is the application of GCA Launcher which was known as the Symphlyx during the period of the experiments, is now available in its final form.

GCA Launcher: أحد اللانشرات الجديدة على متجر جوجل بلايGCA Launcher

Anyway, the longer one GCA lightweight tool based on the design of the materials, the design elegant, and car friend’s battery and government revenue the internal device. Therefore it is found the most users who carry phones with specifications low to medium.

With this car, there is support for the icons of the external, and its support for the icons to adapt, as well as the widget on the Home screen and lock screen.

Not only that, but there is support for gestures and customize the app drawer and a range of themes and much more.

As noted previously, this application is designed to run on phones and low-spec devices such as the Android atmosphere.

However Valencia GCA supports Android version 5.0 the latest, the alignment of the supported devices Android tablets and even Android 10.

Finally the application of GCA Launcher is available for free download on the Google Play Store, that includes some interior items that you need to purchase.

Download application GCALauncher on Android.

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