GeForce RTX is the official version Ubisoft the next Watch Dogs

Announced the NVIDIA and Ubisoft today that NVIDIA GeForce RTX is a platform GUI official version Ubisoft law 2020, Watch Dogs : Legion.

Watch Dogs: will be used for Legion technique to trace Rays in real-time and games from the NVIDIA advanced other to create images and graphics amazing in open world, full of exciting adventures in the second version are expected of the franchise Watch Dogs.

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Ubisoft go to painstaking lengths to re-create the cities represented in their toys, will add a technology track x depth of the unprecedented appearance and sensation of the city of London in the Watch Dog “.

Said Matt Wuebbling, the head of Marketing Department of GeForce in NVIDIA ” the history of NVIDIA in cooperation with Watch Dogs returns to the beginning of the privilege, we are ready to like a Players computer again with the traced Rays in the last batch. ”

Tracing rays is a technique for advanced graphics used to give the film visual effects for ultra-realism. Containing cards screen NVIDIA GeForce RTX on the clutches of processors specialized specially designed to speed up the process of tracking rays can even display the visual effects in the games in real-time.

Show the London of the future in Watch Dogs: Legion more vibrant and realistic can be achieved only with the technique of tracing Rays said Chris Early, vice president of partnerships and revenue at Ubisoft. ” You say GeForce RTX games for the future which is the perfect platform to focus on in the game Watch Dogs: Legion . ”

Offers Game Watch Dogs: Legion innovative and unprecedented allows you to freeze and play as anyone you see in the city of London, the famous. Every character in open-world viable to play, and everyone has his background and personal skills that will help you customize your team unique. Make your characters on the internet and joined the friends for the restoration of London in cooperative missions for four players and end-game events daily. Welcome to the resistance.

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