General Motors and Michelin required to bring tires, free phones for cars by the year 2024

Michelin Prototype Tire Testing at GM Milford

The problem with the current tires for our cars is that they rely on air to keep their shape. This means that in the case of the framework for or the holes, it will be invalid for use after that. Certainly, there are some tire charge that can promote itself allowing drivers to drive to the nearest mechanic to fix it.

However, this is only a temporary solution, but it may be for General Motors and Michelin solution to this problem which consists in the creation of frames free of air, which is the tire that all hoped the two companies in The brought to the automotive consumer by the year 2024. Launched both companies on these tires new name Uptis Prototype with the knowledge that the word Uptis think short term system the frames of the unique anti-puncture, as suggested by the name, this tire does not depend on the air which increases the common problems such as the explosion and the exposure hole of the equation.

These new tires are not safe in theory, but according to my General Motors and Michelin, these tires will also help in reducing the amount of raw materials and processes covered by the process of the tire industry. This is because these frames will last longer, which in turn means we don’t need to change much.

According to Steven how, senior vice president of the authority of the procurement logistics division of the global company General Motors, has stated by saying : ” General Motors is excited about the possibilities offered by Uptis, we are pleased with the cooperation with Michelin company on this advanced technology. Think Uptis the perfect occasion to state sector of the automotive industry into the future and a great example of how to benefit our customers when we learn of and remember with our suppliers “.

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