General Motors presented photos of the model car Cadillac electric next

View General Motors Company, yesterday pictures of the car by the electrical rule under its luxury Cadillac, which was declared on the converted trademark the particular production line electric car last Friday, face the delivery company in this field and expanded the field of competition among the other manufacturers.

The pictures show that the model adopted by the company in the Cadillac Electric is similar to crossover, which is to integrate several specifications into one policy providing the apartments sports in addition to space sufficient for the number of passengers as in a normal car, did not give the police the name of the control, electrical after several What is shown the picture of the style expected.

While the architectural structure unique to the battery of your car are the basic building blocks as set forth in the company where it can be adapted to the specification of the performance of the car and payment system so that the battery design is flexible full whether for with rear-wheel drive cars or front or even all-wheel drive, where as the head of the company Steve Carson, the boat ice cubes that can be added to water does not increase the number of cubes without taking up extra space on the borders of the continent with an increase in effectiveness.

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