Generation alive is suffering from the growth of horns on their skulls because of the extensive use of smart phones


One of the wonderful things about living organisms is the ability to adapt. We’ve seen this happen with countless species of organisms, including humans. However, come to a study conducted by two scientists David Shahar and Mark G. L. Sayers lately. a little worried is the growth of horns on the skulls of Generation Safe.

We don’t mean that the growth of pods at the level of the front of the head, but these horns grow at the base of the skull. You know this case in the name of the prominence of the external occipital enlarged, it seems that this happens a lot with people aged between 18 and 30 years, although, in the past, it was happening with older people only.

There’s nothing bad about these horns, but it seems that it represents the response of the human body to develop our modern lives, the majority of people spend a lot of time, and they’re looking to their smart phones, causing stress to their necks. The growth of these pods is the way of the skeleton in dealing with this stress. According to the researchers, it has stated by saying : ” we assume that the prominence of the external occipital enlarged may be linked to positions tied to the stool and use the condenser to the contemporary challenges of the mobile, such as smart phones and tablet devices “.

Although these horns are not dangerous, the researchers told The Washington Post as ” a sign that the head and neck is not in correct, this may be the result of something bad happening somewhere else “. Certainly, this is not the first time that we hear something about this phenomenon also known as ” neck text“, although this is the first time that we see evidence for them.

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