George Kikvadze, Bitfury: Bitcoin will rise to 70 thousand dollars in a bear market

Vice President cryptocurrency startup with Russian roots Bitfury George Kikvadze likes to make loud statements. In December last year, wrotethat Bitcoin is undervalued relative to gold in 50 times. Now he spoke about his prospects.

What will happen to Bitcoin

According to the entrepreneur, in the near future the rate of the first cryptocurrencies will grow ten times.

Now Bitcoin is trading in the range of 7-7,5 thousand dollars. Mark my words — the day will come and the coin is in a bear market will cost 70 thousand dollars.

While the crypt is far from the forecast of the entrepreneur. In recent days, the Bitcoin is falling, and March 30 on some exchanges, he broke the mark of 6.6 thousand dollars. The reason for that is the decline of interest in cryptocurrency and the strict regulation of the industry in Asian countries.

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