Germany and France agree on the Prohibition of the work of the Libres of Facebook

Germany and France agree on the Prohibition of the work of Libera from Facebook

The finance ministry said today’s French Friday: France and Germany agreed to the Prohibition (Libra) Libra: work encrypted, a subsidiary of Facebook.

In a joint statement, the two governments affirmed that “no private entity claim fast cash, which are at the core of the sovereignty of nations.”

Said French Finance Minister (Bruno Le Myers) on Thursday: it should not be allowed to return to the new encrypted Facebook to work in Europe with the continued concerns about sovereign and financial risks the continuing.

And if Myers had said earlier in the day Friday: it’s the EU to create a common set of rules on virtual currencies is not regulated to face the risks posed by the work of LeBron encrypted.

There is nothing in the European Union – the author of 28 state – specific laws on currency encrypted, which is even now a peripheral issue by most of decision makers because what converts from the currency of bitcoin or digital currencies to the euro is still a small part. But the company announcement Facebook in the month of last June about the plans of its own currency by the United States Digital that aims to replace the traditional currency payment transactions and purchase, had to rethink it.

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