Germany has commissioned a hydrogen train

This news has nothing to do with the world of IT, but it’s interesting and gives an understanding of where the world is headed.

So, two years ago, the company Alstom, a major French manufacturer of electrical equipment and railway transport, introduced the Coradia train iLint, a propulsion system which uses hydrogen fuel cells.

And now two years later this composition was commissioned. Train until just two. Both will run in Germany between Cuxhaven and Buxtehude located at a distance of about 100 km. the Reserve trains is about 1000 km, so during the day to refuel, they didn’t need. Maximum speed is 145 km/h.

When you create these trains for was based on the diesel models Coradia Lint 54, which has simplified and accelerated the development and reduced the cost of the trains themselves. The cost of one train is not announced, but according to reports, she is about 5.8 million euros.

Already in 2021 in Germany will be operated 16 such trains, and then, in case of success of the project, the country will gradually completely abandon locomotives that use fossil fuels.

Given the pace at which some countries and regions are moving to renewable energy sources, it is possible that we are not waiting for such a dire future, as scientists predict. Although, of course, there are still many regions that do not think about the impact of emissions on the Earth’s climate.

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