Germany inflict, Sweden, and the first way AC / DC rapid corporate hybrid

ألمانيا تلحق بالسويد وتختبر أول طريق كهربي سريع للشاحات الهجينة

Sweden launched first by AC / DC fast trucks two years ago in an attempt to reduce the proportion of harmful emissions generated by engines of vehicles and rely on friendly energy sources are more environmentally friendly, to Germany this knee cross performed the first real test for road electric fast trucks diesel hybrid in the past few days, via the route runs between the cities of Frankfurt and Darmstadt with a distance of 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers.

Where you will get these trucks on electric power to continue walking in the highway by a web of cables to cover the track for the conduct of them, will be form of energy through the arms on the surface of her call to that network in a similar way for the tram.

Although the road circuit this is one of the means which pave the way to expand the ways to rely on alternative, clean energy but it wasn’t a great influence; that the will receives only 5 trucks per day at the time that crosses Highway 135 thousand vehicles on a daily basis 10% of them are trucks and heavy vehicles.

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