Germany is considering new laws to protect young people from the purchase-within-games


According to a new report from Gamesindustry, the province of Bavaria in Germany have prepared a draft of new laws dedicated to protect the young From Evil-Within-games and known as microtransactions between the video games, especially at the level of the boxes of loot that can be purchased with real money, but the buyer does not know what will happen before the payment process looks similar to some thing with gambling.

And confirmed to the German legal expert Sebastian Schwiddessen of the body of Baker McKenzie that these laws have been drafted as a reaction to the current debate about the about boxes of loot and ways to make money in the games. And it’s supposed to prevent new laws in the case of validation, the exploitation of the young and the young and exploit the lack of their experience.

The application of these laws will depend on the study of each individual case and to determine if the House tries to exploit young people financially or not.

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