Germany is pushing for an agreement not to spy with China on the fifth-generation networks

Seeking German Chancellor Angela Merkel to hold an agreement with China requires not to spy the parties to each other in order to allow Huawei to establish network connections to the fifth generation.

Already there are economic adviser to German Chancellor to China to discuss the negotiations of the convention to be held.

This move comes as a compromise between allowing or organization faced by Huawei specifically and China generally from the Western states for work. And some states that Huawei says the seed, the tools of espionage in Western countries in favor of China via their networks and their various products, which denies the police of course.

Previously, to face the U.S. charges directly to Huawei of spying for China, which responded to the Chinese company not to acquire evidence, the United States asked its allies not to use the techniques Huawei.

The company is Huawei of the leading providers of networks of mobile communication in the world, began to support the techniques of the fifth generation mobile phones leading phone rollaway Mate X new.

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