Germany may stop Facebook from collecting information about users of the social

Based on the difficult period suffered by Facebook over the past year, both of penetrations multiple to the violation of the privacy of the user and collect information from external applications; it may relate to rules, procedures, legal bodies, competent to the protection of user data this field against Facebook, it seems that the FOMC and German follow in this direction to provide the powers of Facebook to collect information about users, it was indicated in the report of BILD am SONNTAG that the FOMC is in the process of issuing orders Facebook to stop collecting some data about users.

He explained to the site that the information most likely is that you share the product with third-party applications and external websites, including applications of the same company costs and Instagram in the victim that the decision may see the light of day within the next few weeks according to those close to the federal.

The report stated that the commission had put a deadline in front of Facebook’s commitment to its decision and the necessary reforms then has time to modify its practice in this framework and protect users ‘ data, or they will face fines of up to 11.5 billion in the case of its intransigence and refused to obey the decision and make the necessary adjustments on the car collect and share information.

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