Gestures in iPadOS. What’s new?

2019 at WWDC Apple introduced a new operating system, designed exclusively for tablet – iPadOS. Apparently, the company really believes in the idea that the iPad will ever be able to replace the computer. Such a scenario should not be discounted, is Apple confident strides towards this goal. Among the many changes iPadOS should definitely allocate a new sign. About them today and we’ll talk.

In iPadOS developers to seriously work on gestures, making them much more convenient in daily use. Go over each of the changes.

Many not by hearsay know that the navigation and text selection in iOS it was arranged not too comfortable. In iPadOS this disadvantage finally “overcame”.

The navigation process is simple — just select the cursor and move it to the desired area. If necessary, you can use the slider to move to desired location.

The allocation happens like “magic” — you need to hold your finger for one second for the appearance of the selection tools. Use of limiters is not necessary — to highlight a piece you can hold your finger on it. However, there are other ways:

To highlight a word: double-tap;

To select a sentence: single-touch three fingers;

To select a paragraph: single tap with four fingers;

Selecting elements: double-tap and slide for quick transfer of folders or files.

Working with text

In iPadOS has added new gestures for cut, copy, and paste text. To use them is very simple.

Copy text: to gather three fingers together on the right fragment.

To cut text: to gather three fingers together on the right fragment (twice);

Insert text: to extend three fingers to insert the snippet.

These gestures not only in systemic but also in all third-party apps.

Undo and redo actions

Apple added gestures for redo and undo commands. They work in the following way.

Undo: swipe three fingers right to left;

Repeat: three-finger swipe from left to right.

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