Get 3 Certificate in artificial intelligence and automation in 30 hours only!

  • Pack certificate automation of processes robotic The Robotic Process Automation Certification Bundle
  • Number of Sessions: 3
  • Number of lessons: 30
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Package includes training on the artificial intelligence, automation, and science data to understand how the programming of the RPA that depend on IT companies to improve the efficiency of their operations.
  • Get a certificate after completion of each training session
  • The duration of access to content: the whole year
  • Availability: online
  • Current price: $ 39 only.
  • Get page: of here.

Think of all of the artificial intelligence, andautomation, andscience data of the most important and fastest techniques developed in the recent period, where we have many companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market, that has led many software companies to develop applications and systems – bear the name of the software automation processes robotic Robotics Process Automation and well-known test of the software RPA – automate functions work fully.

Software RPA; it is a technology that allows anyone today to develop programs or apps to simulate the execution of tasks within the digital systems, just like humans do. Accordingly integrated with the structure of the current information technology, and communicate with other systems in order to do a wide variety of repetitive tasks to improve business processes in real-time.

With the adoption of institutions are increasingly on the software of the RPA, will be the experience gained in the use of tools and applications RPA is more important for developers business intelligence, engineers, data, and business, and other related posts.

If you want to expand your experience in dealing with smart apps used in the development of the corporate sector, the package automation of processes robotic The Robotic Process Automation Certification; and will put you on the right track, through access to 30 hours of content, in a collage in 3 Rotary training courses include 30 lessons, so at the price of $ 39 only.

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Will help you this package in recognition concepts of programming of the RPA, and the value they add to companies, and how to use artificial intelligence and deep learning and automated in business applications.

In addition to training in data analysis techniques, and by using the language of Python Python, where you will learn the basic concepts of programming of Python, and gaining deep knowledge in data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and natural language processing.

Most importantly you after the end of each training session you will receive a certificate stating You have completed, which you can include in your resume or in your professional profile.

The following are the training courses included in package:

  • Analysis of the data using the language of Python Data Science with Python.
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Introduction to Software Process Automation Automated Introduction to Robotic Process Automation.

Get page: of here.

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