Get a copy of your data on Facebook this way

After the scandal of the Cambridge unit and for access of Facebook on the records of the calls and messages Android phones, many are wondering what do you know, Facebook about them, and some who wished to leave the platform forever, and didn’t know his Facebook about you, whether out of curiosity or wanting to leave, through download copy of your data on the social network, you have to follow the following:

After the scandal of the Cambridge net, this plan of Facebook to secure user data

1 – Open the side menu of facebook and select Settings/Settings.

2. Select the General Settings/ General, including the press to Download a copy of your Facebook data.

3 – moving to another page Click on Start My Archive.

4 – confirmed your request by clicking again on Start My Archive in the rectangle that will appear to you.

5 – you will get an email from Facebook after on the registered email account with a link to download a copy of your data.

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