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What will be the end of 2018 Bitcoin? While the bears still have control of the market, but many traders and analysts are already talking about the imminent change of trend of the main cryptocurrency. Expert Bloomberg vildana of Hedrick indicates a positive technical indicator. Chief analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan fully agree with the opinion of their colleagues. According to Greenspan, at the end of the year, investors in the crypt for a real Christmas surprise.

Cryptocurrencies are preparing for a new rally

The MACD indicator scale 1-daily chart of Bitcoin right now is almost identical to the indicator Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BCGI), the development of which was engaged in Mike Novogratz. Bloomberg analyst noted that over the last couple of days on the MACD for the first time since mid-October, there was a bullish divergence, preceding the medium-term bullish trend.

Market analysis eToro almost coincide with the position of Hedrick. Chief analyst, Mati Greenspan also mentioned the positive fundamental factors that managed to accumulate around Bitcoin and altcoins over the past few months. To them belongs the launch of the platform Bakkt, the possible approval of the ETF on Bitcoin and the interest of institutional investors in the crypt.

Also worth noting is the explosive growth of the ecosystem of the stock market. Recently, one of the largest providers of cryptocurrency wallets MetaMask achieved a milestone in its development — the number of active users exceeded 1.3 million. It is noteworthy that the event coincided with the release of the mobile client MetaMask.

His words Greenspan summed up the promising forecast.

Now all signs point to a serious new year’s growth of the stock market.

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One of the active participants, cryptocommunist, trader under the name of Rand, recently published a post about a possible reversal of the sentiment in the industry. Recently the price of Bitcoin went beyond the almost annual of the triangle formed by 1-day chart. If the market will gain enough traction bullrun will not be far off.


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