Get the most updated design of Google Chrome now

Scheduled to get Google Chrome on a new design this year, which is provided by Google already cross-browser was my custom to look more experimental before the launch of the Chrome browser.

Announced Google via the publication platform Google+ to the latest update of the browser Canary includes significant improvements to the “form of a tab, put the tab fact, the bar tabs, the colors the whole design, and notices browser”.

True, we have witnessed improvements in the design of chrome through the years, but the Canary brings the biggest update on the design since 2008, as you can see from the image below.

Download the browser Canary

For users of Windows systems and Linux and Chrome they can get the design of the new Chrome in the default browser Canary, as well as many of the more experimental in the future.

For Mac users, if they can’t find do the new design in the default mode they can visit the link chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md and adjust the setting to “Refresh” and then do the setting the chrome://flags/#views-browser-windowswill be transferred directly to the Settings page design Canary.

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