Get the new version of Gmail that way

After Google’s announcement about the updated web version of its service for e-mail Gmail, and the addition of many features and tools that facilitate dealing with e-mail and use other services without the need to leave the mailbox, you should know that some of those characteristics, the host will not be available immediately, what will be available of which are characteristic responses to smart similar to those existing in the Gmail app for smart phones, Snooze the messages available in the Inbox app as well as the purchase of tools by a new user interface to facilitate access tasks and calendar.

To experience the new version of Gmail via the web you have to follow the following:

1 – Open a mailbox on Gmail and press the settings and select Try the new Mail.

2 – wait for the end download new version of Gmail.

3 – Select the mode that you want to appear your mailbox.

4 – enjoy the company and of the new characteristics.

5 – You can return at any time of the issuance of the old classic by clicking on the Settings icon and choose to Go back to classic Gmail.

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