“Geyser System”.. schauer Portable System permanent in any time and place

After each activity you do outside the home, in the outdoors, like camping or walking or running or cycling or swimming or fishing or watching your children ramble open or a football match, comes the time to ask the most important question: isn’t it necessary to take a hot bath now to remove traces of sweat and fatigue!

Yes you can easily, and without the need to return the product, via a system of Jays Geyser System, shower mobile that you can shower using only one gallon of water (3.7 litres of water approx), which is sufficient to born hot, 7 minutes or 15 minutes if you will use the device in cleaning your car or your equipment.

Device works Jays Geyser by adding gallons of water to the container, then connect it to the battery of your car, to heat the water within 15 to 35 minutes, then you pump pushing water through a flexible tube ends with”fiber” to clean the body good, get out of the water at the rate accurate enough to wash your body well and clean it in 7 minutes.

And successfully a campaign funding device Jays Geyser in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is scheduled to up the device to his supporters by March of next year, the starting price is $ 220 (4,000 pounds).

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