Gi Fly.. electric bike smart, folding and does not need maintenance

As a piece of art is designed and manufactured very carefully, offering a study of “Jie fly” Gi Fly Electric is a unique experience and fun to bike, and escape from traffic roads and traffic, through the leadership of the study of the light weight, made of aluminum, raising between design quality and agility.

It took the development of the study of “JE fly” Gi Fly electric almost two years, which included the making of prototypes and rigorous testing, demonstrated through its bike great ability to control, besides the characteristic of its design.

Among the advantages of “JE fly” its severe, in the second one can fold the bike and carry them inside the bank or in the trunk, which does not require maintenance, heart “J fly” kind of “bottoming” rather than that bags, which is so very non-prone to holes.

Were “je fly” Gi Fly enough battery that charging per hour for 60 kilometres, and is fitted with a Global Positioning System GPS, which communicates wirelessly with phones iOS, Android Android, as it equipped the system of security against theft, lamps, smart lighting-type LED is controlled via a smartphone app etc the study Gi FlyBike App.

And successfully a campaign financing study of the “JE fly” Gi Fly electric in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, can buy a bike through the site at a price of 2,798 USD (about 50 thousand Egyptian pounds).

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