Giant 3D printer started to print residential area

3D printing increasingly is firmly in our lives. And she is already perceived as a matter of course. However, this technology still can not seriously surprising. How? Well, for example, right now in Latin America, the efforts of non-profit organization called New Story implemented an ambitious plan to create an affordable 3D-printed houses. And their huge 3D printer prints house for the whole residential area. The first house, even ready, so Mexico has a chance to become the first country in which a 3D printer has created a quarter for human life.

Here are the finished printed on a 3D printer at home

Where printed on a printer at home?

The draft of the New Story created in partnership with Icon and Échale, and construction area is located in Tabasco, located in the South-East of the country. Group of companies seeks to build 50 houses for poor families who often live in dangerous and precarious temporary shelters. At the moment, two houses are already finished and the first inhabitants settled in them. At the same time to pay rent still have. Truth conditions, as the publication of the New Atlas, just fabulous: people will need to pay for 400 Mexican pesos (about 20 USD) per month for seven. And the interest rate with such “mortgage” is zero. As you are “credits”? Write your thoughts in our chat in Telegram?

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The process of construction of houses is essentially the same as with other methods of 3D printing. Huge printer called Icon Vulcan II pushes the cement out of the nozzle layer by layer until the basic structures like walls and interior partitions are complete. This process takes about 24 hours. Then the builders added the roof, Windows and doors.

3D printer Vulcan II is designed to work in harsh conditions. A local nature unpredictable. Precipitation is often flood the road to the construction site. This printer is designed to address the shortage of housing, is the first of its kind. — officials say New Story. We live in a historical moment when the first district with the help of 3D printing technology. This is more than a technological achievement. This project is an indication that if we join forces, combine talents and resources and bring them to the solution of real problems, the dream of sustainability and social justice will be achieved.

The process of printing at home

New Story acknowledges that the payment that is being paid by residents of new houses, of course, does not cover the cost of production. It is needed only in order to cover a number of costs associated with severe natural and weather conditions of this region. The actual cost of the construction of 3D printed houses is still unknown, but New Story seeks to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of the development project. Non-profit organization also expects that the remaining 48 homes will be occupied in late 2019 — early 2020.

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