Gills printed 3D allows underwater breathing when worn

The source and the material, John, Cami, designed Gills artificial Royal College of British art, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Tokyo to the world, where you may hear the nostrils of the new humans to breathe under water.

Been making the nostrils of the custom textures you extract the oxygen from the surrounding water and carbon dioxide, where the design uses the same principles of operation of fish Gills in a smart way.

A gill with at least 32 m2 would be required to support a human's oxygen consumption in water

The team behind this revolutionary device that is designed for the world of go where the human half of their day within the water, inspired by Cami this design of insect submersible, where these insects enclose themselves with a thin layer of air around the skin of her waterproof extremely.

This also has the added kami that he intends to soon test the device which will be called AMPHIBIO to see how feasible with humans in a practical underwater, where he hopes to work the device in the Keep the human under the water for longer than allowed by the diving equipment current, but without the need for heavy equipment.

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