Give bass! New headphones and speaker from Fender

Recently, we notably so “carbon monoxide poisoning” wireless acoustics: was our guest and JBL, and even the Marshall, and how much we reviews of headphones it is difficult to calculate. But, to be honest, so far we have not found those who would not cause issues: some portable speakers, but the sound leaves much to be desired, others give off a cool sound, but weigh as much as a iMac. Wireless headphone – thing too controversial: true wireless keep losing connection, and to find the version with wire top audio – that’s a toughie.

More interesting to us was to look at wireless speaker systems and headphones from the company Fender, which until recently were familiar to many in the production of guitars and related musical equipment. The Fender brand will soon turn 80 years old, but, apparently, not so long ago Leo fender invented the world’s first electric bass guitar, a veritable revolution in the industry. Then use the Fender guitars started David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, the Kurt Cobain from Nirvana and even our compatriot Viktor Zinchuk. And chose them not only for innovation, but also reliability — this guitar was almost immortal (if, of course, not to smash on stage during a concert). However, we’re not here about guitar to say here, so let’s get right to it.

We were just two models of wireless headphones Fender — Puresonic and Puresonic Premium Wireless Wireless. As is clear by name, one model is steeper (and more expensive in another way), the other is simpler, but both deserve to be told. “Premium” older version is not only behind-the-ear mount (Puresonic Wireless — conventional in-ear) to play sports easier, but also improved dynamic emitters diameter of 9.25 mm vs 6 mm driver for the younger model. At the same time in both versions brought support atpX (Premium Wireless — more and ACC), moisture protection IPX4 standard and monstrous battery that provides 6 hours of battery life.

Packed the headphone very cool — they are placed on small pedestals as the most expensive jewelry in the jewelry store. In both versions there are four sets of ear cushions (foam black — the toughest of insulation), and carrying case. Puresonic and Puresonic Premium Wireless Wireless have remote playback control button play/pause and volume control, and built-in microphone, effectively suppressing the echo. Called or received calls repeatedly — the source of the link did not complain.

And now about the main differences. The first is the convenience of landing. Puresonic Premium felt in my ears better, no matter how hard a curse behind-the-ear mount. They fit snugly and provide decent insulation, running it (though I usually don’t run in the hall, and when you are late on the train). Normal Puresonic will be definitely appreciated by lovers in-ear earphones, true to form, the ear cushions have to get used to a couple of days. But after that it will be difficult to comfortably listen to music with headphones of a different type.

As for the sound, both designs are characterized by an extended low frequency range. Simply put — they have a lot of bass, they do not cover mid and high frequencies and not “hammer to the skull” as in any low car. Feature Puresonic Premium that they sound brighter and are better for listening to rock, while the Puresonic differ naturalness of sound. It is difficult to convey all the differences, so I advise before you buy be sure to listen to both models.

Speaker system Fender Newport we knowingly left for dessert. Looking ahead is one of the best speakers we’ve ever heard. Even most phonics for 40-50 thousand rubles nervously Smoking in aside when this baby (well, really, it is no more Mac mini, if you put it on the edge) is enabled by using the lever of inclusion, who came as if from the 60-ies of the last century.

When we first looked at this column immediately reminded of the classic guitar amplifiers Fender ’68 Custom. Just look at the lattice dynamics with sewn logo and “the whirlings” of volume, bass and treble. You can see that this column looks very cool.

You can play back sound how to use Bluetooth (there are button Pair), audio cable 3.5 mm microphone Even posted here, it is adjacent to a call-answer button. What, why switch every time when an incoming call, if you can talk directly with speakers?

Fender Newport is included with a distinctive guitar sound. As soon as we heard it, quickly removed HomePod in the box (Yes) and all other speakers in the Studio — away from sin. Upon its cost about 18 thousand rubles Newport simply has no competitors. The speaker system comprises two woofers and one tweeter with a total capacity of 30 watts and gives out incredible sound, even for Bluetooth low bow for the presence of aptX and AAC codecs, which make wireless audio to the wired counterpart.

It is clear that the rock on this column comes with a Bang, but a special edition in music I like to listen to pop music and the harsh rap from the suburbs of new York city (though nobody’s looking). And know that Newport can safely be called a multi genre: regardless of the track heater produces a crisp, clear and natural sound. And what is it loud whoo!

In fact, the column we have in the office for a couple of weeks, so this is not the first emotions, and balanced over a long time of testing opinion. By the way, this girl at the same time an external battery! To do this, the back has a regular USB port where you can connect a Lightning or another cable to recharge the iPhone. The output power is small, but not to remain without communication in the country or in a hipster get-together will suffice. But if anything from column not recharged, it will last all day — 12 hours. Depends on volume, of course.

In General, when you listen to Newport, feeling that next to the very first electric guitar Fender Esquire with one pickup. At the time, Fender has revolutionized the world of sound, and now she has all the makings to repeat its success. The company has always been ahead of the rest, since come from the professional music industry and if you live to listen to it a column or a set of headphones, see for yourself.

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