Glass “jor-el 6”. Good-bye to the screen when the phone fall

Very soon you will fade more problems haunting the owners of smart phones in the world, a problem that broken screen when the phone fall accidentally on the ground, has revealed the company Corning America about the latest version of Gorilla Glass, the previous version “jor-el 6”, and the best in resistance to shocks, scratching and breakage of the latest generation glass “of jor-el, 5”, the most download by the pressure.

And Corning the possibilities of glass by generation after generation, while successfully bottle “jor-el, 4” in the protection of phone in 80% of cases falling down on his face on the ground from a height of 1 meter, the latest generation of “jor-el 5” that holds the phone in 80% of times falls on the rough surface and height of 1.6 meters!

This year, the new generation of glass jor-el, “jor-el 6” will suffer Frequent damage in the glass screen with his fall repeated, and although the survival of the phone when falling, but that was the first small and non-significant resulting from the fall multi-weaken the screen and make them more likely to break in the coming times.

Interested in Corning to increase the carrying power of the glass, not just on the surface but deep in the ore industry, itself, has revealed tests of Corning on glass “jor-el 6” to 77% of the samples survived, without being influenced by after 20 times a fall from a height of 1 meter, has been using a sample bottle with a thickness of 0.6 to 0.8 mm, which is glass commonly used in smart phones.

And anyone who doesn’t know the “Gorilla Glass” Gorilla Glass, it is the name of the layer of glass created by Corning Corning American, resistance to scratching and breakage, shock, and most of screens and devices you use, has released the latest version of “jor-el 5” in late 2016.

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